Qaraite Judaism/יהדות הקראית

derech shel hamiqra/דרכו של המקרא


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Welcome to Karaite Judaism - The Teachings of Hakham Meir Rekhavi and Hazzan Yohanan Zaqantov  

Karaites (Karaim/Qaraim) are followers of the Hebrew Scriptures (Miqra/Mikra).  We use Peshat (Plain Meaning) to interpret the Miqra.  This does not mean we are strictly literalist but are contextualist.  We study and interpret the scripture based upon the context in the scripture, the historic context and a language context.  Not all Karaites interpret the Miqra exactly the same but we are dedicated to the following of YHWH and him alone.  There is no other Elohim (God) but him.

Being a Karaite Jew means we only recognize the Miqra or Tanakh as divinely given.  Thus, while we don't out right reject the Oral traditions of the Rabbis we consider them as commentary and judge them in view of the Written Tanakh.  Additionally, we do outright reject the New Testament (NT) in any form and its messiah/teacher (Jesus/Yeshua/Yahshua etc...).  No person who accepts either the NT or its messiah/teacher can be a Karaite Jew.  All teaching on this site are certified as not being in anyway X-tain or Messianic in anyway.  As is the owner of this site a Karaite Jew and in no way a X-tain or Messianic.

A number of groups have taken up the name Karaite/Qaraite to describe themselves.  Karaite Messianics, Karaite Noachides, Karaites without any designation of being a part of Israel like the modern term Jew.  People may name themselves whatever they want but No Karaite Jew will recognize a group just because they call themselves Karaite.  A Jew (Yehudi) who follows Karaism (following the Written Torah and rest of the Tanakh) and may keep traditions is the true use of term Karaite.  Thus, a Karaite is defined as always a Jew. 

Some sites have tried to link Karaite/Qaraite Judaism as Muslim. That is simply not true.  Karaism is a Jewish movement which sprung up because of the promotion of the Oral traditions of the Rabbanites. 

Navigate through the pages here and read the talks we have.  More will be added over time.  

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